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    Guide For Begginers


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    Guide For Begginers

    Post by Trevor on Wed Dec 23, 2015 4:42 pm

    [size=48]So, you're new to our community , and you got a lot of unanswered questions?
    Here's the guide for you!

    [size=50]Starting Up![/size]

    [size=48]So as a new player, the first thing you would notice is that you have no access to any vehicle around you (in the exception of the bicycle).That's because you have no licenses, so, I bet you want to crack on and get your driving license, here is how to do it. [/size]

    Driving School

    [size=48]So, in order to get your first license out of the three you need to make your way to the driving school, the driving school is located at Dorethy San Fierro (You can also use the command /drivingschool to get teleported to the location).
    After reaching the driving school, step on-to the yellow arrow and you will be teleported inside the building, after doing this, follow the short hallway and you'll arrive at a small room, in this small room, you will see a red marker, go ahead and step on it. When you will, a small dialog will open up, then use the arrow keys and select the option "take test", after doing this , use the sprint key (LSHIFT or SPACE) to select the option and you will be teleported in to one of the test vehicles. From there, you will have instructions, but just in case, I'll show you what you have to do. After being teleported inside the vehicle, use the command "/engine" or in short- "/e", after doing that, drive your way around town and arrive at the checkpoint right next to "Atto's Autos" shop. Then, you will have to drive your way back to the driving school. *Try not to damage your vehicle or drive above the speed limit, which is 100 k/h. After arriving back at the driving school, you will pass the test if you followed the instructions and arrived at the right time without damaging the vehicle. Here you go! You got your first license! Now you can drive any four wheel ground vehicle. (Cars.) [/size]

    Using the bank

    [size=48]So now when you got your first license, you probably want to get all the other licenses in the list. To do so, you will need a certain item from the local store. So, the next step for you, is to arrive at the local store. Although, it's recommended to save up all your money in the bank, how to do so? It's simple. Drive to one of the "dollar" symbols on the map, and enter the building, after doing so, go ahead and step on-to the red checkpoint, then, you will be presented with a dialog with 3 options:
    'Withdraw', 'Deposit' and 'Check Balance.' The first option, 'Withdraw' is used for withdrawing money out of your bank, by doing that, lowering your bank balance. Next, is the 'Deposit' option, this is the option you want to use, it's used to deposit your money in to your bank account, and increasing your bank balance. Go ahead and select the option deposit and type any amount you want to save in your bank. The third option, 'Check Balance' , is used to check your balance and see how much money is in your bank account. [/size]

    The Local Store

    [size=48]After depositing your money in the bank,(And don't be afraid to deposit it all) you now have the option to roam around the server, or keep on your journey and achieve all three vehicles licenses. If you do so, the next step is to drive to the local store.
    There are local stores all around the map, they all contain the same stuff, and they all are marked with the white 'S' symbol on the map. So, go ahead and drive to the closest local store. After arriving at the local store, you will realize there are two uses to the local store, the first one, is to get the typical items you will need around your time playing in the server, the second use , is a bit more complicated and will use roleplay, it is robbing the store, I will link a guide on how to roleplay in the server and how to rob a local store in the end of this guide. So, go ahead and step inside the local store. Inside the store, you will find an ATM to the left, and a counter with a checkpoint to the right, if you don't have any money on you, go ahead and step towards the ATM, when you're near the ATM, press ENTER and a little dialog will pop up, the same dialog that you will see when you're in the bank withdrawing money. Type the amount you want to withdraw and select 'withdraw'. After you got enough money, go ahead and step on-to the red checkpoint right in front of the counter. A little pop up dialog will show up, containing the items that can be bought, and their prices, go ahead and buy the GPS (you can also buy any other useful items if you want to of course). After you bought the GPS, go ahead and step out of the store, get back into your vehicle.[/size]

    Bike School

    [size=48]So now when you got your GPS , which will help you with your navigation, you're ready to crack on the bike license! So, the first step is , of course, arriving at the bike school. You will have to drive your way to the bike school, unlike the driving school, the bike school is located at Blackfield , Las Venturas. Go ahead and set your GPS to Blackfield using the command /GPS (The school is marked with a red 'S' on the map like the flying and the driving school). After you arrive at the bike school, go ahead and repeat the process you went through with the driving school. After arriving at the bike school, you will gain your second license, the bike license.[/size]

    Flying School 

    [size=48]So, now when you got both bike license and driving license , you can use motorcycles and cars. Although, you can't use planes still, so , the next step for you is the flying school. To arrive the flying school, go ahead and set your GPS to 'Verdant Meadows'. Find the red 'S' on the map , climb the stairs and step inside the building. Go ahead and take your test. Now, this school is more tricky, this time, you have no speed limit or time limit, you just have to make the flight as smooth as possible. So, start the engine, and fly off the air-strip, then , follow the markers as smoothly as possible and arrive at the school again in one piece, land the plane and you will pass the flying school.[/size]

    [size=48]So now when you got your three licenses, you can use pretty much use any vehicle in the game, but, now you need to buy your own vehicle, buy your own house, and buy your own business, to do all of that, you need cash. Fast.[/size]

    [size=48]Ways to get cash

    1. Taxi sub mission

    This is one of the most simple jobs you can do in the server, but, there's a catch, since a lot of people have driving license, you won't have as much of a job, but, if you're still willing to do so, jump inside a cab and press the sub mission button on your keyboard (on default it's 2.) then, you will get calls when people will type the command '/taxi', you will be provided with their location and their destination. Answer calls using the /respond [ID of the fare] [the amount of money you're ready to do the job for] then, if the fare likes your suggestion, he will type the command /acceptfare [yourID]. All you need to do now, is to pick-up your fare and drive him to his destination , after you will drop off your fare, he will pay you using the command /payfare.

    2. Exporting vehicles

    So, if you played singleplayer and completed the game 100 percent, you probably know all about this one.
    To start up, go ahead and drive to the docks of San Fierro, set your /GPS to 'Easter Basin' and look for the anchor symbol on the map. When you arrive the export location, you will see the exporting checkpoint and the green chalk-board behind it , go ahead and take a good look of the board. You'll see a list of vehicles , some of them might be marked this way: Super-GT   And some of them will be unmarked, you want to look for the unmarked vehicles names, these are the ones that are requested for exporting , after that , go ahead and look for these requested vehicles around the map, after finding one, drive back to the exporting checkpoint and type the command /export. You will gain money depends on the vehicle model, and the on the shape you achieved to bring it on (if it will have smoke coming out of it , you will gain less money.).
    (Note that there are maps online for these requested vehicles , just google the vehicle's name on google, example: Super-GT's location GTA SA).

    3. Bus missions  

    So, you're tired of exporting and seeking for the requested vehicles? No problem! There're bus missions for a reason!
    To start, you will have to go ahead and arrive at Blackfield Las Venturas (Yes, near the bike school) so go ahead and set your /GPS to Blackfield.
    When arriving at the location, go ahead and and step on-to the red checkpoint, then you will have the option to start a bus mission, go ahead and select the option. Now, you're in a bus, and got your first checkpoint ahead of you, start the engine and start following the checkpoints to the destination. After completing your route, you will gain your reward.

    [size=42]5. Businesses

    So you want to get money fast.. but you're tired of seeking for oysters, exporting vehicles and doing bus missions, no worries!
    If you got enough money, you can buy your own business and start getting daily profit! (note: you need to be at level 25 to buy your own business.)
    So if you want to get your first business , you first have to gain enough money to buy one, the starting price of businesses are from 200k and going up. So I'll suggest you to gain at least 200k to start up. Businesses are placed all over the map, all you need to do, is to find one that is available, after finding one that is available , go ahead and step on the business's checkpoint and type the command /buybus which is short for business. After buying your first business, you will gain profit every 15 minutes. (note that you will gain profit even when being offline.)

    6. Robbing the local store 
    So you want to rob the beautiful store that provided you with your GPS? Shame on you! Well, I guess you should know how to do it anyway.. So what you need to do, is to arrive at a local store around the map, then, roleplay your robbery scene and when you're done, type the command '/robstore' while you're*inside the store* (I will post a roleplay link in the end of this guide.) Then, you got the money and a wanted level, so watch out from the cops!

    So, how do you level up? Easy! You level up by playing in our server, every hour you're online, you will be provided with 1 level and 1k dollars, that means , if you played for 24 hours, you will be level 24. ( to see your stats, press TAB and double click on your name.)

    So now when you got your money, isn't it the time to buy stuff? 

    Getting settled 

    So , you want guns to roleplay a badass gangster? Or maybe to fight the cops? No problem! All you need to do is to drive the ammunation. The ammunation is marked on the map with a pistol symbol. After you arrive at the ammunation, it's time to go in, but first, you will need to buy a weapon license. The weapon license will require you to be level 2 , and will cost 25k. After buying the weapon license. you're free to go in the ammunation when-ever, and buy as much weapons as you like!
    *Warning: Death-matching is not allowed at the server, only in certain cases. So use your weapons wisely.*

    New personal vehicle
    You want to get your own vehicle? No Problemo! All you need to do is to gather enough money, and go to one of the vehicles dealerships around the map. The dealerships are marked on the map with a little car or a white 'BS' symbol. 
    After arriving at the dealership, go ahead and enter tour vehicle of choice, then selecting the option 'buy car' is a little tricky here as well, so use the arrows to control the options, and then select an option using 'W' on your keyboard. There you have it! You got your first personal vehicles! If you'll drive your personal back to the checkpoint of the vehicles dealership, you will find out you can buy a custom license plate and an insurance , to cover up your vehicle. ( the insurance is for when your vehicle is destroyed, once it destroyed , you won't get it back, the insurance makes sure you will get half of your money back!)
    After you got your vehicle, you can reset him at the nearest police department using the command /resetcar. (this will also show you the location of your vehicle) After you'll get your own house and business, you will be able to reset your vehicle over there too.

    New personal house
    You want a new house to reset your vehicle at ? No problem! Just gather enough cash and look around the map for an available house. An available house will be marked on the map with a green house symbol. ( a taken one will be red.)
    After finding your house of choice, stand on the green house marker and type the command /buyprop. Here you go! You got your first persona house! Now, you will find out you have a little secret safe in your house.. You can store money inside the safe by walking near it and pressing ENTER, just like using an ATM.

    So now you got your own house, your business, your car and a crap loads of money. What now? 

    [size=45]Moving on...[/size]

    You got everything you need, but you're bored in the server.. What can you do now? Well, this is a roleplay server, so you can roleplay! There are three types of organizations in the server:
    1. Gangs
    In order to join a certain gang, you'll mostly need to roleplay your way in with the leader of the gang, try accessing their board, and checking out their rules and requirements. 
    2. Law and Government 
    In order to join a certain law faction, you'll mostly need to access the forum, and access their board, serve an application filling up their code. Try checking out their rules and their requirements.
    3. Private Business
    In order to join a Private business you will mostly need to serve an application, or to be known by one of the members in the faction, try checking out their rules and requirements too.

    So that's it, you got all the starting knowledge you need to play in our server, thanks for reading this guide, and I know I said 'So' a lot but.. what can you do !


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